History Of Herve Leger: Hottest Dresses In The World... Seriously!


About a Year Ago I Discovered The Wonder That Is Herve Leger. Since Then, I'Ve Acquired 10 Dresses That Each Retail Anywhere From $950-$2250. Most Would Think, Based On That Information, That I Probably Do a Fair Share Of Clothes Shopping And Tend To Spend Much More Than Average On Clothing. But, That Is Simply Not True. Cheap Herve Leger Dress Is Simply My Form Of Crack. And, Here Is Why..


 If You Are On This Site, You Are Probably Already Familiar With Herve Leger Creations. The Herve Leger Line Is Known For Its Skin Tight Bandage Dresses. These Dresses Are Oozing With Sex Appeal, Yet Exhibit Class. A Very Difficult Balance To Achieve!


These Dresses Are By Far The Classiest Yet Sexiest Dresses Ever! They Are Loved And Worn Very Frequently By Celebrities. Most Of Their Very Classic Designs Will Never Go Out Of Style. How Do I Know? Ask a Fashion Illiterate Male If It Is Hot! His Jaw Will Drop, And Then You'Ll Know. Take For Instance The Black Mini From Cindy Crawford. That Dress Is From The 90's But Definitely Very In! It's Not Uncommon To See Vintage Herve Leger On Celebrities As Well. It's Like a Classic Chanel Bag, Timeless...  


Herve Leger Dresses Guarantee Turning Heads, And Many Girls Will Ask Where Did That Dress Come From. Compliments Are Unavoidable When You Got One Of These Babies On!


Now a Bit Of History:


Herve Leger, The Original Creator, Was Born In Northern France In 1957. Somehow In 1980, He Ended Up In Paris Studying Under The Fashion Legend Karl Lagerfeld. After Many Years Of Working With Extremely Notable Designers Such As Lanvin, In 1989, He Created His Trademark Fabric, a Stretchy Combination That Would Fit Tightly Around a Woman's Curves.


In 1998, The Herve Leger Was Acquired By Bcbg Max Azria Group. In 2007, Max Azria Relaunched Herve Leger.


The Original Herve Leger Still Sells Couture Bandage Dresses,  But Now Under The Name Of Herve Leroux.


Herve Leger Bandage Dresses Were Hugely Popular In The Early 90's. They Were First Seen Amongst Supermodels Like Tyra Banks And Cindy Crawford. Popularity Died Off After Manufacturing Of The Dresses Were Halted, But As Of The Recent Few Years When Bcbg Re-Introduced The Brand, Herve Leger Has Become Once Again One Of The Most Sought After Dresses.


Herve Leger Bandage Dress Are Extremely Recognizable. Under Camera, Many Of The Dresses Reflect a Seductive Sheen While Deliciously Enhancing The Wearer's Body.